Benefits of IUKO Membership:

IUKO Membership is available to all practitoners of

Traditional Japanese and Okinawan styles of Karatedo.

IUKO members are permitted to maintain membership

in their own style based organizations if they desire.


Existing Dan grades granted by LEGITIMATE Traditional

 Karatedo Organizations are automatically recognized.

IUKO Dan promotions reflect the standards set forth by

the Federation of  All Japan Karatedo Organizations in 1971.


IUKO Fees are typically LOWER than other LEGITIMATE

Traditional Karatedo Organizations.


IUKO provides its members with cutting edge marketing

materials to support constant growth. The goal of IUKO is

the pomulgation of Traditional Karatedo!


The IUKO Kenshusei Program includes Instructor, Coach, Examiner,

Judge and Referee Training/Licensing. Existing credentials from

LEGITIMATE Traditional Karatedo Organizations are automatically



All the benefits of a traditional Japan based Karatedo Organization

without any politics.

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International Union of Karatedo Organizations